Concrete Patio Cleaning

We were doing some work on Stonington Place in Zanesville last week. The patio off the back of this condo unit gets a lot of shade. Therefore, it is a good place for mildew to grow on the concrete. We were able to use the pressure washer along with some soaps to clean the entire patio including the decorative railing. We came back in the afternoon and applied sealer to ensure it stays cleaner for longer. 

Railing has been cleaned
Decorative railing has been partially pressure washed, showing a before and after contrast


And, since we do the window cleaning and pressure washing for multiple families on Stonington Pl, as soon as we were done at this condo, we drove 200 feet forward and cleaned the windows for someone else! 

Before and after of cleaning a patio
Concrete patio cleaned with a pressure washer.


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